May 20, 2022

Tokyo Olympics: Manika Batra In Tears

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After a sensational first day of competition, many are now looking ahead to what lies ahead during the second day of the Tokyo Olympics. The preparations for the games has been fraught with problems, from a serious shortage of funds to delays and technical glitches. Among those who have been in the know for awhile, there is no doubt that these problems will affect day one’s proceedings. One participant likened the build up to the Olympics, where the players arrive in good form but then run into some trouble in the quarter finals. For the Tokyo Olympics, that trouble is coming up before the athletes can even step out onto the court.

When we consider the problems faced in planning and events management over the last few years, the Tokyo Olympics seems almost like an aside. As with the games in Russia, problems in the Tokyo area where the games are taking place are relatively low in number. Still, there have been several incidences involving both the athletes and the spectators. If you want to follow along with the games online, there are some things you should know about.

A member of the organizing committee inadvertently provided the public with the real identity of the winner of the swimming events. Yes, it was one of the athletes but no, it was not Marat Rynolds. He accidentally gave away the secret by posting his picture in the score card of one of the matches. As a result, there were a lot of suspicious folks who are wondering who might be behind this stunt. Was it someone trying to hide in the crowd?

The fact that there were security guards at the games also raised eyebrows. Were they protecting the athletes or the games from someone? Well, there was a suggestion that it might have been an attempt to foil an illegal transaction that took place just prior to the games. One man was arrested for trying to run off with the contents of a suitcase containing counterfeit money. Despite all this, many are still hopeful that the real scoop will remain a mystery and the entire fiasco will simply go away quietly.

In one interesting piece of news, the original Olympic mascot, the mascot known as Manicam, has been busy playing with a toy camera all over Tokyo. Apparently, he was playing with it just before the Opening Ceremony. So far, nobody has managed to get a clear shot of him. The only thing that people seem to remember about Manicam is that he always cried when he was on the loose. Apparently, he was looking for attention because the cameras did not capture his emotion.

It was interesting to see all the tension and excitement leading up to the opening and Closing Ceremonies. Everyone in the country was so excited about the chance to witness such a great event in one of the world’s most important cities. As for the athletes, they too looked forward to the games. Hopefully, we will get a better look at them in the days to come.

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